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Beautiful And Durable Vinyl Log Siding

Real log construction homes are nice, but require a lot of exterior care. Vinyl log siding is absolutely maintenance free. The truly best part is, it looks just as good as real log and is hard to tell apart from the real thing. As a skier I travel frequently to Colorado and went to look at new home construction there during my last trip and was surprised to see vinyl log siding being used. It was almost impossible to tell it from the real thing.

Vinyl Log Siding Overview

Most people don’t want to have to deal with the upkeep of a real log home. Real log homes need to be cleaned, and most real log companies suggest twice a year cleaning. Then logs need to be checked for damage from wood boring insects. Corners are particularly susceptible to rot, which is another reason that homeowners are choosing vinyl log siding, and like using it as it makes home construction easier, which saves time and money. Using log siding on a post and beam home means that you can have any type of interior wall finish you want. This makes installing electrical and plumbing on a new construction project easy for the builder.

Log vinyl siding is a great insulator for homes when it comes to noise and it protects houses air leaks and the transfer of heat because of its insulated backing. The insulation used in vinyl log siding is usually made from polystyrene which is rigid, waterproof and long lasting. These various qualities combined make polystyrene the best material to use for exterior insulation, and because of polystyrenes rigid form it helps the vinyl log siding panels to keep their classic round shape over time, even in extreme weather conditions.

The Benefits of Vinyl Log Siding

The thickness of the material make it a great insulator and resistant to hot and cold temperatures, cracking, splitting, or denting. You won’t have to worry about denting because the siding is filled with a foam backing that makes it resilient.

Vinyl log siding is free from rot and insects, and is resistant to algae and fungi which is usually problems you’ll face with real log siding therefore making it superior to wood siding in overall energy performance.

This siding is installed to your home like any vinyl siding therefore making it easy to install and a great do-it-yourself project.

It’s lightweight and can be applied to any existing exterior surface than you have on your home. Imitation log siding is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, and as it is manufactured there will always be replacement pieces available if you vinyl log siding gets damaged.

Vinyl Log Siding Side ProfileIt is great for buyers who want the look of a real log cabin but at the same time vinyl log siding does not require much work to keep it looking great, you’ll never have to paint it over, stain it to get its color back or reseal it, just simply hose it down every now and then which will keep it looking great over time.

Vinyl log siding has an R-value that’s four times higher than real half logs. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. Half log vinyl siding comes with three coats of protective sealer. It gets a final coat after installation to protect any ends that have been cut, and is maintenance free for the homeowner.

Vinyl log siding is popular and easy to find, it is produced by most leading manufacturers and is very inexpensive, therefore saving you costs in the long run as minimal maintenance is required. Some manufacturers also offer a 75 year limited transferable lifetime warranty.

Lengths and Styles

Beautiful half log siding comes in a wide range of lengths, from ten feet up to sixteen feet so that you can get the look you want. Some of the vinyl log siding styles available are Pine, Peeled Pine and Cedar Embossed. They come in a variety of corner styles, saddle-notch, round or square.

Quarter Log Siding – Quarter log siding usually comes in 2 x 6 inch and 2 x 8 inch sizes. It still provides that authentic looking log cabin siding, but it is just more affordable than the other styles, and is usually installed with an end match system to help it hide any nails or screws. Quarter log siding is still a great way to obtain that authentic look of a real log cabin but is a good alternative if you don’t have the budget for the more expensive vinyl log siding styles.

Half Log Siding – Half log siding comes in many sizes but the most popular sizes are 3 x 6 inches and 3 x 8 inches. Similar to quarter log siding, half log siding comes in end match system to help hide nails or screws which also limits material expense and labor, saving you money on the installation process. Just like that the quarter log siding, the half log siding gives you that desired log cabin look but just a bit more complete than the lower priced quarter log siding.

Cost Efficiency of Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding will save you money as it is easy to install and it is mass produced so the price is lower than your natural log siding. Insulated vinyl log siding is also more energy efficient therefore saving you money on alternative heating and cooling sources for your home.

Vinyl log siding requires minimal maintenance as the siding is resilient to rot unlike natural wood materials and therefore you will be saving large amounts on a annual basis as you won’t be replacing siding panels and trims often. Just a quick rinse with a hose pipe should keep your siding in pristine condition.

Vinyl Log Siding Prices

These vinyl log siding prices are subject to seasonal change and differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The following is a rough estimate and should serve as a guideline to vinyl log siding prices:

Vinyl Log Siding per Square/ 100 Square Foot $ 340.00
3 1/2 inch Window Case width/ Built in J-Channel $ 30.00
1 1/8 J-Channel $ 13.00
Starter Strips $ 3.00
Foam Filled Outside Corner 10′ $ 45.00

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