The Many Benefits Offered by Vinyl Shake Siding

Cedar vinyl shake siding has the same look and feel as does real wood, but possesses a wide variety of benefits that real wood simply does not have. If you currently find yourself ready to have the siding on your home replaced, this is an option that you may want to give some serious consideration before you make your decision.

The following will provide you with an overview of the many benefits that you can reap from making an investment in vinyl shake siding.

Vinyl Shake Siding Overview

Cedar shake siding is an affordable alternative to authentic wood which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. It offers a simple beauty that is often associated with seaside homes. In fact, wood, and cedar in particular, is the most coveted of all types of exterior cladding for homes, but its cost and high maintenance have caused it to be used much less. Polyvinyl substitutes offers the same looks, but without the drawbacks. For starters, it is less expensive upfront and there is not as much work involved to keep it in good condition.

Vinyl Log SidingThis is a product that is created using nothing but plastics and composites formulated out of PVC. It also contains several different optional ingredients that provide it with its color, durability, resistance to sunlight, etc. It is very resistant to harsh weather so it does not simply rely on its appearance as a selling factor. It can easily protect against high winds, excessive moisture, and other conditions that could cause natural wood cladding to warp, rot, or break.

Vinyl shake siding has excellent insulation so it will do a lot to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This will help to keep your power bill down and even lessen your carbon footprint which is better for the environment. Certain brands and products come with additional insulation which will provide even more protection against the outside temperature. In addition you can count on it to keep out insects and other pests.

In order to make this product look as much like the real thing as possible, molds made from actual lumber are used. This gives it the same graining and details that you would see in genuine wood cladding. In addition, it can be found in a huge palette of colors and natural hues so you can find the perfect color for your home. Even better is that because the color is built right into the paneling you never have to worry about painting. It goes well with just about anything, such as clapboard and stone.

Types of Vinyl Shake Siding

Below are a number of general shake siding options that are available if you are interested in remodeling your home with this amazing product. Vinyl shake comes in many different textures and colors making it very versatile as a siding option or as an acsent to your regular siding. Natural colors are often more popular as it can best imitate the natural look of wood.

  • Cedar Vinyl Shake Siding
  • Staggered Vinyl Shake Siding
  • Half Round Vinyl Shake Siding
  • Hand Split Vinyl Shake Siding
  • Perfection Vinyl Shake Siding

Benefits of Vinyl Shake Siding

  • Is an affordable alternative to authentic wood.
  • It offers a simple beauty that is often associated with seaside homes.
  • It is less expensive than wood siding, and is more durability, resistance to sunlight.
  • It can protect against extreme weather conditions.
  • It has excellent insulation properties.
  • Molds are made of actual wood grain to give this siding its natural look.
  • The color is built right into the panelling, you never have to worry about painting.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can expect to receive from vinyl shake siding should you decide to have it installed on your home.

Vinyl Shake Siding Prices

The price of vinyl shake siding differs in accordance to the style of shake siding you choose, the more basic types of shake siding can cost about $4.70 per square foot.

For scalloped, hand-split, staggered and rough-cut vinyl siding you can expect to pay more per square foot.

For the best price it is always recommended to get a few estimates before making your final decision, also remember to factor in your other costs such as installation costs and the costs for soffits and other items not included with the vinyl siding.

Popular Vinyl Shake Siding Colors